Friday 30 November 2018

Special issue call for submissions

Access to Justice: Historical Approaches to Victims of Crime

A special issue of the peer-reviewed academic journal Societies (ISSN 2075-4698) has been announced. The title is ‘Access to Justice: Historical Approaches to Victims of Crime’.

Edited by Pam Cox and Barry Godfrey, it aims to address issues of victims’ access to justice, cultural representations of victims, and the role of victims in the politics and practice of criminal justice – all in historical perspective.

Major research questions include:

  • How has victims’ access to justice been facilitated or restricted over the past two centuries?
  • How, and to what end, have cultural representations shaped perceptions of victims?
  • How, why and when did victims come to shape political and criminal justice discourse and practice?

Additionally, related topics may include: Child sexual abuse victims; domestic violence victims; access to justice for victims; history of victim support; symbolic and ideal victims of crime; victims and fear of crime; victims and media representations; and victims in literature.

Submissions are due to the journal by 28 February 2019 and full details are available here.

Black and white drawing of a woman in an early twentieth century suit and hat wearing dark makeup cowering in a chair, there is a gloved hand on her shoulder.
Extract from film poster for 'The Victim' (1916) published in Variety, via Wikimedia Commons.


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