About the Network

The BSC Historical Criminology Network aims to promote historical work on crime and criminal justice, broadly defined, in a way which brings together people from (and hence benefits) a range of disciplines. It also aims to foster engagement with history and historical materials in teaching in criminology and bridge the gap between past and present in the study of crime/criminal justice, fostering new research collaborations in this area.

About the BSC

The British Society of Criminology aims to further the interests and knowledge of both academic and professional people who are engaged in any aspect of work or teaching, research or public education about crime, criminal behaviour and the criminal justice systems in the United Kingdom. Click here for the BSC website.

About #HCNet

On this website you will find regularly updated blog posts about events, research activities and publications relevant to Historical Criminology. Contributions are encouraged, particularly short updates and informal posts of around 200 words. Comments on all posts are open, but moderated to prevent spam. Please feel free to start a discussion on any topic by commenting on a post.

About our members

Membership of the Network is open to all. To join the network or submit content for the website please email Alexa Neale. The day-to-day running of the network is led by a Steering Group, Chair of which is Esmorie Miller.