Sunday 2 December 2018

Leeds Historical Criminology Seminar

‘Funding Justice or Fuelling Crime? The Political Economy of Crime and Justice in Historical Perspective’

The next meeting of the Leeds Historical Criminology Seminar will take place on Friday, the 25th of January 2019, at the Centre for Criminal Justice Studies, University of Leeds. 

Featuring presentations from Pam Cox (University of Essex), Ruth Lamont (University of Manchester), Stephen Farrall (University of Sheffield) and Zelia Gallo (King’s College London), the event will focus on the interconnections between politics, the economy, crime and criminal justice through time.

Lunch is included and prior registration is essential. Click here for more information. 

Black and white drawing of a man's head in profile, text identifies Robert Peel as the subject. The skull area is divided into ten sections depicting satirized personal qualities. Full text interpreting the image available at

Phrenological head of Robert Peel... by John Doyle via Wellcome Collection. CC-BY-4.0.


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