Thursday 20 December 2018

Research in Progress: ESRC Victims Project

Victims’ Access to Justice through English Criminal Courts, 1675 to the present

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The ESRC Victims Project started in August 2018 and runs for 24 months funded by the Economic and Social Research Council. The Research Team includes Historical Criminologists from the Universities of Essex, Leeds Beckett, Liverpool, Manchester and Sheffield, led by Principal Investigator Prof Pamela Cox (Essex). 

Their website explains: 

'This interdisciplinary project explores patterns of victims’ access to justice in England over three centuries using a unique combination of long-run historical and recent data to meet three research objectives:

  • to profile victims who engaged in criminal trials in England, 1675 to the present
  • to track changing combinations of the rights, resources and services available to these victims
  • to use this new data to recommend ways of understanding and reducing ‘justice gaps’ today and in the future.'

Visit for more details including the full project outline, publications and events.  

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A fine etching depicting the Old Bailey Courtroom, complete with observers and clerk in the foreground and judge and prisoners in the background. The wood panelling and stepped seating associated with a courtroom are visible, with tall curtained windows on the far wall.
Court sitting trying prisoners in the Old Bailey (etching) via Wellcome V0041657 CC-BY-4.0


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