Friday 15 November 2019

New publications

by Dr Louise Brangan

#HCNet Network member Louise Brangan has recently published two articles of interest to Historical Criminologists, one in the British Journal of Criminology and another in Theoretical Criminology.

Both articles are historical accounts of significantly under-researched periods in anglophone penal history, and both offer new analysis of how and why punishment transformed as it did in Ireland and Scotland, respectively.

Brangan L (2019) Pastoral penality in 1970s Ireland: Addressing the pains of imprisonment. Theoretical Criminology.

Brangan L (2019) Civilizing Imprisonment: The Limits of Scottish Penal Exceptionalism. British Journal of Criminology, 59 (4), pp. 780-799.

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Black and white image of a large industrial printing press machine, 1946, multiple rollers, with steps either side for access. A man in overalls and a flatcap is standing to one side of the machine to show the scale - the machine is nearly two times his height.
Printing press in 11 Shop, Elswick Works, Newcastle upon Tyne, September 1946 (c) Tyne & Wear Archives and Museums via Flickr (TWAM ref. 1027/5178)


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