Thursday 13 February 2020

The Uses of Historical Criminology: Guest posts

Replies to Churchill, Lawrence and Yeomans

Late last year, a thematic section of the journal Criminology & Criminal Justice was published on ‘The Uses of Historical Criminology: Explanation, Characterisation and Context’, featuring three articles by #HCNet members David Churchill, Paul Lawrence and Henry Yeomans. This was published along with a short post for the BSC blog, outlining the focus of the three articles and their contribution to developing work in historical criminology.

In two guest posts for this site, #HCNet members Tom Guiney and Vicky Nagy offer their reflections on the articles and on future directions for Historical Criminology more broadly:

Further replies to the articles are welcome. Simply comment below or email us to submit a guest post to share your thoughts on these, or any publications relevant to Historical Criminology.

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