Tuesday 1 September 2020

Convict Lives on Cockatoo Island (Australia) - free online event

10 September 2020 08:30 (UK) / 17:30 (NSW)

As part of the New South Wales History Council's "History Week", #HCNet member Dr Katherine Roscoe will deliver a free online lecture to a global audience, telling the stories of convicts incarcerated on Cockatoo Island (1839-69). 

Dr Roscoe will unpack the mythology around Sydney’s “Alcatraz” and challenge convicts' label as “criminals incapable of reform”. Stories include: John Fahey, the Irish soldier-turned-“bushman”, “Black” John Perry, the prize-winning boxer; bushranger and poet, Owen Suffolk; Tan, a Chinese gold-digger who refused to work; and the relationship between “two Fredericks”. 

Together, their stories tell us about life in the Australian colony, from the bush to the bustling port city, and how prisoners survived or even thrived on the island. 

Dr Roscoe will also introduce digital resources available at https://cockatooconvicts.wordpress.com/. This research is funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (UK)

Registering is essential as attendees will be able to view the lecture live via a Zoom link (to be emailed to attendees prior to the event) and to participate in a 10-minute audience Q&A.

For those unable to attend, the lecture will be uploaded to NSW History Council's YouTube after the event.

The event takes place at 8.30am UK time / 17.30 Sydney/NSW time.

For tickets and more details visit Eventbrite.

Black and white interior of a large industrial hangar with steel girder frame and fenced-off heavy industrial machinery in foreground and middle distance
Cockatoo Island Industrial Plant by Boyd159 via Wikimedia Commons CC BY-SA 4.0  


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