Monday 11 November 2019

Special Edition of the Prison Service Journal

‘Understanding from the Past’: 

A new edition of the Prison Service Journal has been published, edited by Alana Barton and Alyson Brown, advancing new historical perspectives on prisons, punishment and criminal justice in local, national and international contexts.

Made up of seven short articles, the issue covers a wide range of topics from prison planning and building, female prison reformers, prisoner suicides, drunkenness in prison, the experience of Suffragette prisoners and representations of prisoner uprisings in Hollywood films.

Contributors include Allan Brodie, Helen Elfleet, Thomas Guiney, Chris Holligan, Rhiannon Pickin, Craig Stafford and Alex Tepperman. The edition is available Open Access and can be downloaded here (links directly to PDF). 

Black and white aerial image of a castle or prison complex, overlaid with text in blue: Prison Service Journal November 2019, No 246, Special Edition: Understanding from the past
Prison Service Journal No. 246 cover, cover photograph (c) Allan Brodie, Senior Investigator, Historic England.

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