Sunday 10 November 2019

Thematic Issue of Criminology and Criminal Justice

‘The Uses of Historical Criminology’ 

A thematic issue of Criminology and Criminal Justice has been published which presents three original articles on the uses of historical enquiry for criminology. The articles focus on the value of historical enquiry for contextualising, characterising and explaining contemporary issues in crime and criminal justice.

Common themes across the articles include the pitfalls of ‘presentism’ and ‘epocahlism’ in contemporary criminology and the importance of long-term historical perspectives. The contributors are David Churchill, Paul Lawrence and Henry Yeomans.

The issue can be accessed here. A short introduction to the issue is available Open Access via the British Society of Criminology blog at

Black and white vintage photograph of a man wearing a magnifying single eye-piece, closely examining a small item in his hands. He is wearing a white lab coat.
A man wearing a magnifying glass... (1940) Åhlen & Åkerlund via IMS Vintage Photos via Wikimedia Commons (Public Domain).

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