Wednesday 20 January 2021

Feminist Perspectives on Women's Violence

Call for Abstracts.

A call for abstracts has been issued for a handbook on feminist perspectives on women’s violence, edited by Stacy Banwell, Lynsey Black, Dawn Cecil, Yanyi Djamba, Sitawa Kimuna, Emma Milne, Lizzie Seal and Eric Tenkorang.

The interdisciplinary handbook will offer a wide conceptualization of violence, taking account of a wide range of theoretical perspectives. Historical perspectives are welcome.

Submissions and queries should be emailed to Lynsey Black ( It is anticipated that full chapters (6,000 words) will be due on 31 October 2021.

Further details are provided below (from the editors).

Black and white printed newspaper illustration (drawing) portrait of a woman in Victorian dress, hatless, with severe hairstyle and serious expression looking directly at the viewer. Captions read 'The Richmond Murder: Portraits and Scenes' and 'The prisoner, Kate Webster'.
'The prisoner, Kate Webster' Illustrated Police News, 3 May 1879, cover.

Handbook on Feminist Perspectives on Women's Violence

Stacy Banwell, Lynsey Black, Dawn Cecil, Yanyi Djamba, Sitawa Kimuna, Emma Milne, Lizzie Seal, Eric Tenkorang 

We are encouraging potential contributors to submit abstracts for consideration which relate to this area of research. It is our intention that the Handbook will encompass a wide conceptualisation of violence, including perspectives that look at the question structurally, symbolically, and relationally. In taking this comprehensive approach, we intend the Handbook to make a significant theoretical contribution to how women’s violence is understood.

We are seeking chapters that consider women’s violence across the world and the text will incorporate, but also look beyond, Europe and North America. We are also interested in work from across disciplines: arts, humanities, social sciences, and interdisciplinary work.

Indicative Themes
We invite contributions related to the below themes. These are broad indicative themes only, and we are interested in all dimensions related to approaches to women’s violence, including theoretical and empirical work which explores this area. We are also interested in research that focuses on criminal justice and social responses, as well as women’s experiences, victim’s experiences, and ‘explanations’ of women’s violence.

• Historical perspectives
• Motherhood
• Intimate violence
• Political violence
• Structural violence
• Women as victim-perpetrators
• Environmental harms and violence against non-human animals
• Media and literary representations and Cultural Criminology

It is anticipated that approximately 6,000-word chapters (inc. refs) would be due 31 Oct 2021.
Please email submissions and questions to:

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