Tuesday 19 January 2021

#HCNet Chair Vacancy

Advance notice.

When #HCNet - the British Society of Criminology's Historical Criminology Network - was established in September 2018, it was agreed that the Chair’s term should normally run for three years. As such, we will be looking to appoint a new Chair of the Network later this year (2021).

The Chair is responsible for the overall direction and running of the Network, and is invited to join the British Society of Criminology Executive Committee. Chairs of BSC networks should usually have been members of the BSC for at least one year – though a handover period may be possible for newer members interested in taking on the role.

A call for volunteers will be issued in the Spring. In the meantime, please give some thought to taking on this role. If anybody would like to discuss what is involved, please get in touch with the current Chair, David Churchill: d.churchill@leeds.ac.uk

Black and white photograph of four wooden deck chairs on a lawn. There are bicycles, a path and shrubbery in the background giving the impression of a public park.
Chairs. CC0 (unlimited use) via pxhere.com.

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